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Application for 'Bal-Accelerated' Track

This year we are adding a special track: Bal-Accelerated. This class is geared towards advanced lindy hoppers who don't have much  experience dancing balboa. The class will be fast paced and quickly take dancers from the basics to more advanced concepts, and dive into the nitty-gritty nerdy details of balboa technique. 

As we want to make sure the class is able to progress through the material and there is limited space, you must apply to be in this special track. Please fill out the form below. IF POSSIBLE, PLEASE EMAIL A LINK OF A VIDEO OF YOUR DANCING (it can be any style) to

The ideal student for this track is someone who regularly takes lindy hop workshops as advanced dancer, regularly social dances, is excited about learning, and is ready to dive into the world of balboa.

We will let you know shortly after your application is sent in if you are accepted to the Bal-Accelerated track. In the meantime, please register for the event and sign up for your back-up level. If your application is accepted, we will switch you to Bal-Accelerated! Registration opens March 1, but you can submit your application now.

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