Blue Ridge Bal


Balboa Workshops * Amazing Music * Tubing


How do I know what level I should be in?

BAL-CURIOUS- Beginner: You've had a few Bal lessons or none at all. You might be a Lindy Hopper, Blues Dancer, or Contra Dancer wondering if Balboa is for you. You want to move your Bal from the classroom floor to the social floor. 

BAL-ENTHUSIAST - Intermediate: You've been to one or more Balboa weekends, and you regularly dance Balboa on the social floor. You know your Bal basics, and you know a thing or two about lollies, toss-outs, and out and ins.

BAL-ACCOMPLISHED Advanced: You've been dancing Balboa for 2+ years and been to several weekend events. You have mastered the basic steps, as well as ad-libs and complex Bal-swing combinations. You comfortably social dance to songs over 200 bpm.

BAL-ACCELERATED - You are an advanced lindy hopper who hasn't yet been captivated  by balboa, but you want to be. You might know the basic steps, but you aren't prone to going to balboa events. You want to learn the basics (and beyond!) of bal fast so that you can shine on the dance floor. 

Will there be competitions?

This is a non-competitive weekend… we want the focus to be on learning and social dancing, not on comps. That said, we do have a fun informal comp in the works. Stay tuned for updates!

Oh no! I bought my ticket and now I can’t go. Can I get a refund/transfer my ticket?

While we cannot give you a refund, you can definitely sell & transfer your ticket to someone else up until a week before the event. Please email us at if you are transferring your ticket. It is not possible to transfer your ticket to the next year. 

Do you have a safe spaces policy?

We have a code of conduct posted on this website, and will have a safe spaces coordinator on staff to help you with any issues that may arise. Her name is Anna Pfaff, and she can be reached at (828)545-5177. It is a priority for us to have a fun- and safe!- event.

I’m broke. Can I volunteer?

(UPDATE: Volunteering is closed) Yes indeedy. Head on over to the ‘Volunteer’ section of the website under the ‘Registration’ menu. Remember that you *do need to register* for the weekend to be a volunteer.

Is there housing?

(UPDATE: housing is closed) Short answer: Yes, but limited! Long answer: Asheville is a small town, and so there are a limited number of hosts. We are doing our best to be able to host as many people as we can, but do make sure to register for housing early so that you definitely get a spot. As it is a holiday weekend, hotels will be pricier than usual, so if you aren’t staying with a local host, make sure you check out Airbnb and local hostels for more affordable options.

We have posted a list of nearby hotels, hostels and Airbnbs at various price points HERE - please visit that page and book a place soon!

I don’t know if I registered or not! Help!

Registered a few days ago and still haven't gotten a confirmation email? Email us at and we will get you straightened out.

What's the deal with the tubing adventure on July 3?

We've created a page with all that info! Head over to to learn more.

Last year was too hot. Have you improved the AC situation?

YES, YES WE HAVE! We have moved to a new (historic) venue that has REALLY REALLY GOOD AIR CONDITIONING. Also, Duke Ellington and Count Basie played there so it is 'cool' in all the important ways. 

I'm a Swing Asheville member. Do I get a discount? 

If you are a current Swing Asheville member, you will get 2 free dance passes to our weekly dances if you sign up for a full weekend pass. We will give you the dance passes when you check in at the event.