Blue Ridge Bal


Balboa Workshops * Amazing Music * Tubing

About BRB

Asheville has been known as a hub of music & dance for years- there is dancing to be had in our little town from dusk til dawn most nights. More than just a destination for lindy hoppers & musicians, we also love balboa and want YOU to join in on the fun and dance bal with us!

This weekend is the perfect for the bal-curious to the bal-accomplished: we have you covered whether you've never shuffled a step in your life or if you are a bal super-star. There are 4 levels of classes totaling 6 hours of instruction (plus two free hours of beginning bal lessons), dances with some of the best bands in the country Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. There will also be add-on dancing on Sunday night, a balboa parade and flash mob through  downtown Asheville, and a musical tubing adventure on Monday! 

Don't know what Balboa is yet? It's  the dance of tiny steps, crowded dance floors, and the inevitable sound of shuffling feet. A dance that necessitated its start due to overcrowded dance halls where swing-outs just weren't possible, balboa (made up of both Pure Bal and Bal-Swing) is the more restrained version of Lindy Hop. Consisting of clever footwork and minimal upper body movement, this dance is elegant, graceful, and a breeding ground for the best shoes you'll ever see.

At Blue Ridge Bal, our goal is to give you the best instruction and dance experience possible. Stay tuned for updates, and go ahead and mark your calendars now!