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Workshops & Levels

We will have FOUR tracks of workshops with TEN great instructors! Check our our instructor bio page to find out who. There will be four hours of instruction divided by level on Saturday July 1, and two hours of instruction on Sunday July 2. The Sunday workshops will be all-levels.

Check our our description of the levels below- in addition to the standard beginner, intermediate and advanced tracks, we have something new and exciting- our 'Bal-Accelerated' track, which is a fast-track crash course in balboa designed for advanced lindy hoppers. To take the Bal-Accelerated class, you must apply. Click HERE to apply for this track! No application or auditions are necessary for the other tracks. 

BAL-CURIOUS- Beginner: You've had a few Bal lessons or none at all. You might be a Lindy Hopper, Blues Dancer, or Contra Dancer wondering if Balboa is for you. You want to move your Bal from the classroom floor to the social floor. 

BAL-ENTHUSIAST - Intermediate: You've been to one or more Balboa weekends, and you regularly dance Balboa on the social floor. You know your Bal basics, and you know a thing or two about lollies, toss-outs, and out and ins.

BAL-ACCOMPLISHED - Advanced: You've been dancing Balboa for 2+ years and been to several weekend events. You have mastered the basic steps, as well as ad-libs and complex Bal-swing combinations. You comfortably social dance to songs over 200 bpm.

BAL-ACCELERATED - You are an advanced lindy hopper who hasn't yet been captivated  by balboa, but you want to be. You might know the basic steps, but you aren't (yet) attending balboa events. You want to learn the basics (and beyond!) of bal fast so that you can shine on the dance floor. The class will be fast paced and quickly take dancers from the basics to more advanced concepts, and dive into the nitty-gritty nerdy details of balboa technique.